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Friday, February 08, 2013

antique shopping: my favourite kind of shopping.

a few weeks back, plans were made with two special friends nataschia & selena, to spend this past wednesday thrifting and antique shopping to our little hearts content. selena was a peach and scoped out two stops in cambridge, where we met up for a day of pure beauty for my eyes to feast on. the first location, green spot antiques which i prefer to call 'g spot antiques' as i pretty well orgasmed the second i stepped foot into the store, was the perfect place to begin our day. selena had booked a private appointment with the owner, an incredibly interesting fellow named vince, to have the whole place to ourselves -- this alone could have done it for me. i pretty well dropped my purse, and began to scour the joint like a swarm of flies on fresh shit, i had my hot little hands on all of vince's precious cargo -- for the amount of crap packed to the tits in that place, this man knew every single item in it, and where it belonged, which i loved.

i managed to accumulate a pile of items that had to come home with me, including some lovely pieces of blue hobnail glassware, a couple of rusty old skeleton keys, a beautiful wooden letterpress tray to use as a shelf to store my chachka shit, and my favourite find, a big, fat, white letter 'c' from an old sign or marquis. i can't even begin to explain the joy it brings to my life, and india is really loving it too.
once we were happy with our 'g spot' time, we grabbed some drinks & lunch and then made our way to our second stop, southworks antiques. southworks, originally a foundry over 160 years old, is a 30,000 sqft antique mall, housing over 100 vendors, selling everything from jewelry to china, quirky one-off items and anything & everything else in between. it was perfectly organized and laid out, which made it easy to move from one booth to the next, efficiently allowing you to get lost in all the goodness. i managed to snag a few records and a train themed vintage 'avon' beer stein for paulie (cause he's a nerd like that). by the end of the day, i felt like i had been in a time machine, and i made my way home with a few more pieces to surround myself with, new-to-me items that bring a little more character and history to our home, and a new found love and appreciation for the 'g spot'.

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