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Monday, February 11, 2013

bon iver: can't make you love me.

i'm pretty sure my vagina can sense we're just a stone's throw away from valentine's day, as my female intuition to get in touch with my sappier side has gone a little fucking bananas. before i know it, i'm throwing joni mitchell on the record player, or feeling the sudden urge to watch every movie nicholas sparks has ever been a part of, and yet i still feel like i can't get enough. however, this song has a beautiful way of filling that craving for pure heart wrenching desire, and then i'm back to normal(ish) again. i fell in love with the original (by one of my faves bonnie raitt, who i love to bust out at karaoke from time to time) when i was really young, and now even more so by this cover from bon iver. his version is haunting, and romantic, and brings tears to my eyes every time i listen -- from my vagina to yours (if you have one).


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