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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

valentine's day house tour.

since the very first step i took into a perfectly collected home on a holiday house tour a few christmases ago, i have dreamed of creating a home worthy of being part of such a flattering honour. i remember walking from room to room, admiring every last detail -- from the artwork chosen to the way it was curated, the window treatment and floor covering choices, to the way almost each room had a perfect poesy of flowers or a fresh potted plant displayed, it took everything in me to keep the green monster of envy from projectile vomiting straight out of my mouth and all over everything. like a hangover on new years day, i made my way home foggy headed, slightly embarrassed of myself, yet totally inspired.

with a better (but not perfect) handle on how i want our home to look and feel, i have come to realize that getting it to that point, requires more work than anticipated. because i'm not part of a house tour, no one is showing up to our little diamond in the rough, to design florals to place perfectly in every little nook and fuckin' cranny, and i don't have a cleaning service, or catering company showing up anytime soon either, so i guess that shit's on me too. making this a space that feels more and more like home every time i walk through the door, is important for me and my little family, so i am giving it all i've got, and i'm going balls deep in this bitch. wow, that was rude.

since the day christmas came down, valentine's day has been up, so i have had a good few weeks to collect, make, and find homes for the shit i have hoarded. with a few more details in mind, i will have this place perfectly cheesier than a chapel in vegas. for now, i think a wee holiday like valentine's day feels like the perfect little segue for me to share bits & bobs of our home in what i'm calling my own little 
house tour: "the welland edition". yikes.
a dining room centrepiece complete with red, pink & white gumballs.
some glittery initialed love.
our fireplace mantle all decked out.
my too-pretty-to-toss garland going strong with the addition of festive hearts : handmade doily wreath.
handmade burlap bunting & felt heart banner.
yarn & felt wreath re-loved from last year : windy's festive scene.


  1. You have such a cute home, and the colour in your living room is fucking awesome.
    I'm jealous. So jealous.

    1. Thanks Erin, it's getting there. The green in the dining room is 100% inspired by Sande -- the minute I walked into her home and saw a very similar shade, I knew that's what I wanted my house to feel like.

  2. I love your fireplace. That photo is such a great statement piece.

    Your lovey valentine day decorations are sweet as pie!


    1. Thank you! It was definitely a selling feature...I just might take it with me if I ever leave ;) Seriously though.

  3. Your Fireplace is AMAZING!! PLUS - I super love your valentine wreath!!! How Sweet!!


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