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Thursday, October 18, 2012

if i could...

more often than not, i find myself thinking of what i would do if i wasn't responsible for my responsibilities. if i was a free bird with unclipped wings, if money wasn't an object, and i could live this life out however i pleased. if all was fair in love and life, 
and i had a great big set of balls to back it all up. 

if i could, i would run away. 
ok, maybe more like fly.
but not for very long mind you.

i would pack a case of my most needed things; my camera, a favourite sundress, a leather journal i bought at the market in florence on our honeymoon, buy myself a plane ticket to italy, and check myself into a bed & breakfast just about anywhere (preferably to be near the sea, as high up in the mountains as i could get) and just be. i would study the language and eat all the authentic meals i could. i would write every day and photograph even more. i would drink wine, and read beautiful books, and soak up as much of the country as possible; until i had my fill and my heart was ready to come back to the world i know, a world and man i love very much --and don't think for one second that it's not  a good, beautiful, world, because it certainly is.

just sometimes, it's nice to think about if i could...


  1. Sometimes when you pot things like this ... I swear we've been separated at birth! lol I too am a Gypsy at heart ... I tell Chris all the time about the alter life i'd have if I had no responsibilities and and was free as a bird ;)

  2. That sounds amazing. Sometimes I think about what I would do if I could just do whatever I want. There are many things. :)


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