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Monday, October 15, 2012

this weekend was...

cool weather with a glimpse of an indian summer.
 collecting leaves & pressing them in a beautiful book.
drinking coffee after coffee all morning long.
knitting on the couch with all my babies.
a cozy double dinner date with special friends at a new favourite spot.
comfort food for sunday dinner with family.

making note of and saying it out loud: this has been my favourite year for fall yet.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful fall weekend! What kind of book do you press your leaves in? I was thinking about doing something like that the other day.
    I'm glad you're having such a fantastic fall!

    1. Brittany! Currently, I am using a John Lennon coffee table book. It's substantial, and it is a good excuse to look through it every time I "check up" on my leaves. I want to buy a nice journal, and tape them in when they're done :) Thanks girl, I hope you are too! xo


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