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Saturday, October 20, 2012

diy felt leaf bunting.

our 'craft club' night a few weeks back has me itchin' to make as much shit as humanly possible. i like having a few things on the go at all times, as i have a tendency to get bored of the same thing if i spend too much time on it -- the fact that i have been with paul for over 9 years now, is a fucking miracle. to use up some of the felt i have hoarded purchased for other projects, and because i love working with it, i pulled together this super easy bunting to add a pop of colour and festiveness to our home. as easy as it was, it took a few hours to make, which i didn't mind as i did it while paul watched the presidential debates this week. thank the good lord for that, this project is the reason i didn't stick the needles i was using in my eyes, as even the idea of watching the presidential debate makes me want to do just that.

how we do: felt leaf bunting
you will need:
felt in a variety of fall colours
embroidery floss in similar colours
needle with large opening
needle threader

this fall leaves garland  on 'a beautiful mess' was my inspiration, especially the use of non-traditional fall colours like the blue, so i took this idea and ran with it. following the same sort of stitching pattern with the embroidery floss as i used for the hearts on my valentine's day wreath, i did a simple stitch around each leaf using embroidery floss in a similar colour. once i got to the end, i left enough floss to make a loop, which i used to string them onto the yarn that the leaves hung from.
i chose to make the bunting for our fireplace more fun and non-traditional, as our dining room is mainly greens and creams, with not a lot of other colour. for the living room, i made up a smaller banner of classic fall colours, to go along with the rusts, golds and browns that make up the colour scheme for that room, but you can choose the colours that suit your taste and decor.
yes they are a little primary, especially the one on the mantle, but i think they add a bit of much needed fun to the spaces we spend most of our time in, and will be easy to roll up and store away until next year. i think making stockings or christmas trees would be cute for christmas, and hearts for valentine's day would be just fucking adorable.


  1. I absolutely love this. What a simple idea that makes such an impact. I love decorating but our little apartment doesn't leave much space for very many decorations. I can not wait until we have a house. I will probably go crazy.

  2. Ahh yet another stupidly cute idea, love you.

  3. fall celebrations are up and going on this blog, love it!


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