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Sunday, October 21, 2012

moonrise kingdom.

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last friday, i came home from work  to "i got you one of those 'weirdo movies' you like" (i love it when they actually listen). 'moonrise kingdom' was everything i wanted it to be: creative, fun and fucking hilarious. i straight howled the entire time. i'm pretty sure, that when i was 12, i would have had a serious crush on sam. ok, i kinda do now, i'm clearly a dirty old cradle robber. i'm also pretty confident, that i have a girl crush on suzy. the 12 year old in me is slightly jealous that she was allowed to wear blue eye shadow and wore a training bra -- at 12 years old, i had mosquito bites with nipples, and was only allowed to wear clear lip gloss. 
oh, and i wore the shit outta that lip gloss let me tell you.

so, if you love a good bill murray + wes anderson combo, want to see bruce willis do something productive with himself, annnnd if you're a sucker for young love, you need to watch this movie immediately -- like right now. i love this shit.


  1. Haha, I can't resist! Shall be chasing this film up somewhere... thanks for the share!

  2. I just did a post on MK too! Look:::!



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