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Friday, February 17, 2012

cheers to the freakin' weekend.

it's friday and it's more than my feet that are itchy for the weekend to start. it's a long weekend here in ontario, and thanks to a few lieu days and some banked time at work, i am taking an extra, extra long weekend; five whole glorious days. the best part is, paulie got the time off too. as tempting as it is to put on my tights, one of the boys hoodies and plant my lazy ass on the couch, i have already filled each day with things to cross off my mental 'to do' list. i have a couple 30 by 30 items i plan to will complete, a date with the pooch for an extra long hike, hit up some day classes at the gym (i know, amanda? the gym?), spend time with friends and family and hopefully sneak in a day of well deserved dick all.

enjoy your weekend!

ps-i am lovin' the 'photo a day' bidness i've been participating in. 
here are a few of the shots i have grabbed over the last few weeks.
.10am. something blue. hands. button.


  1. Enjoy ever one of those 5 days, you lucky Miss Something. I also have a list which involves writing letters back to all the well-meaning people that tend to snail-mail me, and never see a reply..

    And your instagrams make me fuzzy inside.

  2. I plan on it Hannah :) That's a great idea, I could probably write 100 of those. Have fun!

  3. I love the photo a day- so fun! Glad I joined, even late! :) Enjoy your long weekend! I did the same thing and took Tues/Wed off too! xoxox PS- I especially like the day described doing dick-all! My faves lolol


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