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Thursday, February 02, 2012

february photo a day challenge.

i have always loved the idea of participating in a 'photo a day challenge' and how it kind of forces you to be inspired by the everyday things around you. so when i conveniently stumbled upon the "february photo a day challenge" on fat mum slim, i decided i would give it a whirl. i'm two days into the challenge and am already plotting and scheming the photos i get to take over the next month. i very much appreciate that there is a list of the photos you need to take, and how everyone's interpretation of those items vary from photo to photo. whether you choose to blog, facebook, tweet or my weapon of choice, instagram your photos, it's not too late to play along and make february a wee bit more fun. here's the list!

your view today. words.


  1. Cool 'view'! This is going to be fun, I can tell ;)

  2. Um, I have a feeling I'm not at the right website for viewing your daily piccies???

  3. I was also wondering where you are posting your pics everyday??


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