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Saturday, January 28, 2012

30 by 30.

for the past six months or so i have been working on compiling a list of 30 things i want to accomplish by my 30th birthday, which, in my little pea brain, seems a million miles away. in reality march 2nd will make me 28 years young, so i have two whole years to complete my list. it's sort of like a bucket list, but with a little more heat behind it. with a two year deadline it almost lights a fire under my ass to get shit done. and because i'm a self diagnosed 'lister', and find the practice of writing things out and then crossing them off to be therapeutic and fulfilling, i thought there was no better way to embrace the unfortunate, inevitable, 'dirty thirty'. it even sounds wrong.

i finished writing the list yesterday and thought i would post it as motivation to actually cross off as many items as possible. not all my selections are life-altering or profound, but mean enough that they've become a priority -- at least priority enough to complete in the next two years. so here it is. as each item gets eagerly crossed off, i will be sure to share the process and any lessons learned (well, maybe not each item). and because this list has been in the making for some time, i have already had the chance to accomplish some of my "must-do's".
  1. buy and move into “big boy & big girl” home.
  2. visit scotland.
  3. sing karaoke solo. drunk or not. preferably both. {completed 10.12.2011}
  4. have nonna teach me how to make her homemade sauce, meatballs and pasta. {sauce & meatballs completed 02.20.2012}
  5. plant a garden with nonno. {completed 05.20.2013}
  6. take a photography class. {completed 03.31.2012}
  7. save for and plan a surprise weekend away for paulie.
  8. get hip tattoo touched up and new one on wrist. {completed 12.27.2011}
  9. learn to crochet.
  10. try sushi. {completed 03.2.2012}
  11. make a huge ass photobook of the honeymoon.
  12. take home the oldest pooch up for adoption at the humane society.
  13. go on a motorcycle trip to port dover for 'friday the thirteenth' with my old man. {completed 07.13.2012}
  14. master hollandaise sauce. {completed 03.09.2013}
  15. condense and organize all craft supplies. {completed 02.22.2012}
  16. go camping and sleep in an actual tent in the actual woods.
  17. go skinny-dipping. alone doesn’t count. {completed 06.08.2012, 06.09.2012 & 06.10.2012}
  18. teach india to play dead.
  19. learn the proper use of “than” vs. “then”. for good. {looks promising: completed 02.13.2012.}
  20. take a dance class.
  21. visit and photograph the ‘comfort maple’ each season, then frame the series.
  22. visit 10 new wineries in the region.
  23. read ‘the great gatsby’ already. for christ sakes.
  24. spend a day on toronto island. {completed 08.25.2012}
  25. buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it.
  26. spend more time with oma.
  27. learn how to play euchre. {completed 03.16.2012}
  28. have mom teach me her homemade chicken soup recipe. {completed 11.25.2012}
  29. learn how to do a fishtail braid on myself. {completed 04.02.2012}
  30. not get pregnant. if that happens, make a new list.
*should be on the list, but i'm a weiner and never thought i could accomplish it: see oprah winfrey live. {completed 04.16.2012}


  1. You had the opportunity to cross one of those off at my bachelorette party ;)

    And why is my name Stem Photography? lol

  2. Great list ... a few things surprised me, intrigued me, and well others not so surprising. I'll highlight only a few lol

    ::SURPRISING:: Just recently karaoke d for the first time? I thought surely you were a karaoke queen ... lol ... not sure why ... but I just couldn't INVISION you being that shy? For the record I have NEVER done it myself ... it's like the nightmare, me signing on stage in front of people - SHOOT ME!

    :SURPRISING :: Sushi .... are you kidding me girl, so good if you start with the right stuff!!!! Wish I could take you to mine and Christophers friday date sushi restaurant. It's the best ... and they have the BEST caterpillar and yam sushi in the whole world. I make people fall in love with sushi when they try our place!

    ::NOT SURPRISING:: Photo class ... not surprised one bit, lol, I know you'll LOVE it ... best schooling yet for me! I actually like paying attention and taking notes - go figure!

    :: NOT SURPRISING:: You wanting to learn how to sew and crotchet ;)
    I so want to learn how to sew,crotchet, knit to expand the mon amour bebe business. I am actually going next week to a Michael's course (knitting/crotcheting) - not sure how good it'll be, i'll let you know!

    ::INTRIGUING:: Seriously, when you master the art of condensing crafts supplies, I'll pay you to fly down and take care of my crap hole here. lol We live in a modest apartment but my crafts have taken over everything ... we no longer have a dinning room table anymore and my end tables are filled with craft supplies not to mention two cute dresser things I got from Homesense. It's ridiculous sometimes ... I never realized it until we're hunched the leather ottoman trying to have a nice dinner together lol
    Hence BUY A HOME is on our bucket list ... the market is just too crazy though, we're working on it!
    and what kinda dance lessons? Chris use to Salsa, all these years we've been saying we'd do it together, and have yet to do it (other than casual occasions), also on my imaginary before 30 bucket list.

    I have a yummy chicken noodle soup recipe if you ever want .... so simple ... and it makes your man even more head over heels in love with you! I swear it's the key to Chris' heart anyway!

    Anyways, keep us posted on your list ... I am OCD and also LOVE lists, i often get made fun of at work.

  3. RE: "learn the proper use of “than” vs. “then”. for good. i should be ashamed, but i'm not."

    Little trick I tell my students (and anyone else willing to listen :P):
    - thAn = compArative (e.g. I like this, better THAN this)
    - thEn - timE (e.g. I'm going here first, THEN there)

  4. Love the list! I'm with Amiee and could have sworn you would have been a karaoke diva. More to come, yeh?

    Sushi is way overdue, girl...

    And pregnancy... I'm trying not to put baby at the top of my list *sigh*.

  5. Steph!~You are right, I really should have taken advantage of that when I had the chance. You sure as hell did. lol. You must have been logged into your Google account when you commented, it automatically uses that ID :)

    Aimee~You make me laugh. I have karaokeed in a group before, and with two other girls, but never alone. I am just as happy to sit and listen. But I knew I wanted to do it once, and for Paul's birthday I got drink enough to belt "Give Them Something To Talk About" by Bonnie Raitt. One of my proudest moments. Paul still laughs about it. As for the Sushi, I have tried the stuff from the kiosk in the mall, the avocado and salmon rolls and a tuna thing. But not at a sushi restaurant, with real actual authentic sushi. I'm a wee bit nervous. Not because of the raw fish aspect, but because I don't like when fish tastes fishy. I know good sushi should't taste I am going to try a place in town that I have been told is the best in the area. I have looked into photography courses before, but wasn't quite ready to commit....not I want to go so bad! And I can knit...and sew by hand, but really want to know how to crochet and using a sewing machine....I want to be able to make my own curtains, pillow cases, and things cute shit for my unborn children. My craft supplies have an entire bedroom of their own. All of them are packed in there and I have no idea what is what. I am going to tackle that one soon. I want to take a hip hop class, so I can bust out my moves on the dance floor at weddings and the bar. lol. I'm not kidding. Chris? Salsa? That makes him even sexier. Thanks for all your kind words friend!

    dorkasaraus~THANK YOU!!!!! LOL. Seriously, that makes so much sense, I will never forget it! Thanks for sharing that :) I will give myself a month to prove I have it right, and then I am crossing that shit off the list with kudos to you ;)

    Holy Hannah~More to come for sure. lol. You are so cute....and I have mine at the bottom. lol. When it happens.

    Thanks friends!

  6. i will take dance lessons with you... bc both paulie and mike are never going to sign up for that one!!

  7. i completely absolutely LOVE this list.

    1. Thanks Miss! It's been my favourite thing about writing this blog. Making your own motivation :)

  8. Hey... looks like you forgot to put "join Green Spot's Under-30 club" on your list.
    little time..... so many savings.

    Just think... you join now before the fated day arrives, and get to save an additional 10% off all the cool stull you'll get from us in the future (and forever more.. no expiry).

    So chalk it up. get er done now, Amanda.... time's a passing :-)

    Btw, pleasure to meet you here in the shop. If your g-spot needs another tickle feel free to book me, anytime :-)



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