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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

nailed it.

sometimes things turn out the way you plan.
sometimes, not so much. 
girlfriends + rye and cokes = nailed it.
who wants one?


  1. Oh you two "nailed it" alright. If the task you set out to do was create some type of dough monstrosity. These cookies look more like a sad humane society commercial requesting donations for abused animals, then they do reindeer. In fact the only reason i know you were attempting reindeer is the picture posted above. BUT i am sure you had a blast doing it and at the end of the day ladies that's what its all about
    :P WPC

  2. My Dearest Wally Cutts. The next time you come into the office I will not give you a squishy boob hug. I'm going to spank you so hard instead.

  3. Firstly its Wallace Cutts to you and second I believe that I am the one that gives "squishy boob hugs" . as for the spanking, other than your hand who are you really hurting by "ass"ulting the granite sculpture that is my bum?

    Movies have Siskel and Ebert. The stars have Perez Hilton and pretty thugs & potty house has me :P how the hell did you end up with the short end of the stick? LOL


  4. Hah ha ha ha, how did I miss this post ... a GODAMN MASTERPIECE is what I call those lol


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