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Thursday, December 29, 2011

pretty christmas things.

i hope everyone had a beautiful christmas, and y'all have been rolling around these last few days just stuffed to shit with turkey. i was able to get together with my girls to have a serious dance party, had two wonderful meals and celebrated with both of our families, which was exactly what i was hoping for. we tag teamed a gingerbread train (houses are on the back burner when there's a train nerd in the house) and were able to convince paul's fabulous 87~year~old gran to help (as she sipped her wine of course), she's my kinda girl. we visited with some old friends and even got a wee bagpipe performance out of the deal. everything else in between was a cherry on top.
one of those things was tickets to see "quidam", a 'cirque du soleil' production that is rolling through toronto this week. i have been talking about seeing a 'cirque' show for forever, and was pleasantly surprised that paul was able to snag two seats for a performance the day after christmas. we made a day of it, shopping, dinner and cirque for dessert. i knew it was going to be good, but had no idea it was going to even though my friend jules warned me that my "head would fall off", nothing could have prepared me for the way it would bring me to tears. it was beautiful. the set, the lighting, the music, the costumes and talent...i loved every moment. i found myself thinking "these people are doing exactly what they were meant to, and get to share it with the world". how lucky. my favourite part, was the most beautiful couple, doing a 'main à main' routine, which is a hand in hand acrobat act (ahhh thank you wiki). they were so strong, and so controlled, it was incredible. while swooning over their chemistry/praying they were a couple in real life and bawling like an idiot, paul whispered in my ear "these people probably have some crazy ass cirque sex".

it was such a romantic moment.
and because i am spoiled rotten, yesterday was part two of my christmas gift from paul. i got a tattoo i have been wanting for the last 100 years, and couldn't be more over the moon about it. it's exactly what i asked my shaved head, fully sleeved, tattoo artist for; "pretty & girly". and it didn't give my highly dramatic italian mother a heart attack. which is a bonus.

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  1. That cirque show is giving me goosebumps just thinking about it!


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