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Sunday, December 11, 2011

it's our six month wedding anniversary. eat that kim kardashian.

today is our six month wedding anniversary. i know, six months, whoopie shit. especially when you have been together for nine years, six months doesn't sound like something worth celebrating. but in a world where you can be married and divorced after 72 days, paul and i have a "go on, give yourself a pat on the ass" sort of attitude today. he even shook my hand and congratulated me. 

currently he is watching "gordon ramsay's ultimate christmas" and drooling over a glazed ham (i think he may have a chub going on, i'm not too sure), oh what a special day it is. then again, i guess it's just a normal day like any other, and i'm ok with that. so i'm not going to go on and on about how i feel about him, even though i love disgustingly mushy sentiments and being a gigantic cheeseball. 

this poem says more than i ever could about what he means to me, whether he gets boners from hams or not.


  1. Happy 6 months!! We were excited about our 6 months! :) And I love that poem. It is absolutely perfect.

  2. Enjoy your day, every day is special when you are with the person you love.
    Love, Uncle David XXXX

  3. Nawwwwww that's definitely a feat in this day and age! I have a feeling you will be celebrating many more to come, you cute, cute pair... CONGRATS pretties!!

  4. That chub part made me laugh out loud, for reals!


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