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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

i have a girl crush. on zooey deschanel.

when it comes to zooey deschanel, i don't know who has the bigger crush, paul or myself. i like to think that because i'm a girl, i know what i'm talking about, but then again, he has a decent list of celebrity crushes. (natalie portman is his get out of jail free card, so i mean the kid 
isn't crushing on megan fox or anything crazy like that).

i decided i liked her when she played 'jovie' in "elf" (thank god she got over her blonde phase), i fell in love with her as 'summer' in "500 days of summer" and have fallen head over heels with her as 'jess' in "the new girl". she is quirky, sweet, sexy awkward, absolutely hilarious and ridiculously stunning. yes, i would date her.

"the new girl",which airs on tuesday nights, is the only thing on television i look forward to during the week. i honestly laugh like a lunatic until i have tears in my eyes. paul says he doesn't know what's funnier, the show, or how hilarious i think it is. last weeks episode had a 4 minute sex scene in it that i rewound 4 times. after the fourth time, when my little finger went for the rewind button, paul stole the remote from me and told me "no" in the same stern voice he uses with india when she is about to eat the cat's treats when he's not looking. on the show she's dating the adorable justin long who plays a character named 'paul'. kawinkeydink? i think so.

tell me this isn't hilarious. i'm going to start talking with an accent in the bedroom.

on top of being an actress, she also sings, and i mean the girl can sing. she has a jazzy, 40's tone to her voice, which is really interesting, refreshing and very easy to listen to. her and matthew ward sing in a duo, called "she & him", and they put out a christmas album that was released in october, called "a very she & him christmas". i have not stopped singing listening to it since the first time i heard it. 
give it a whirl if you like. and please watch "the new girl". you won't be disappointed. and if you are, please keep that to yourself.


  1. That was as awkward as it was funny ... she is definitely a doll!

  2. I absolutely love her. And that show. So amazing. And I love her voice. Definite girl crush.

  3. I first saw her on Yes Man... there is something about her isn't there?!! So appealingly quirky!! She sings in a band on that movie too and loved that part. A thrillingly weird band but she plays the part like a true punk.

  4. Well it appears that Zooey is definitely girl crush material! Yes Man....I forgot about that movie! Her and Jim Carey right??? Love it!

  5. <-- it's eerie how much Katy Perry and her look alike!!


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