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Thursday, December 08, 2011

pinterest: because i need another obsession like i need a hole in the head.

i love the look i get when i tell someone i found something ridiculously amazing on pinterest. usually a combo of confused, interested and a little bit of what the eff are you talking about, i explain it, make them sign up, and watch them pin their little hearts out with the same joy i get from doing it. like a mama bird watching their babies fly for the first time.

if you love collecting unique recipes, learning how to do something new, decorating your home, photography and too much more to list, and you don't know about the site, you must be on crack. it is absolutely jam packed to the tits with everything you could ever need, and just when you think you have seen it all, you discover something else that blows your brains. the site is described as a "virtual pinboard", a place where you can catalogue the images you collect, either on the internet via the "pinning tool" which you download to your toolbar, or through their search engine, which is beautifully organized into categories for convenient perusing. once you pin your jazz, a link will connect the original site of the image to the image on your board--so if you pinned a diy or instructions, you will always have the info. 

throughout my time on the site, i have discovered a few things about myself i didn't know before pinterest. i have a thing for asian babies; i simply cannot get enough of them. i also have a thing for delicious men, and on the first board i created, which is also the one i frequent most, i have pinned a healthy collection of a few good delectable men i enjoy very much. i also enjoy animals in glasses (sun or prescription), designing my unborn child's nursery and apparently i want to dress men for a living. 
just imagine what you could learn about yourself!

after a decent bout of collecting and organizing my pins (which i love doing by the way--it truly is the perfect place for a person with ocd) i realized that i hadn't actually made/done/tried anything i found on pinterest, i was simply sitting on my ass and loving the things that fellow pinners with motivation actually completed. i mean, i know that just because i pin a picture of ryan gosling, doesn't mean i get to try him out or do him, but i could attempt a recipe, or make a craft or paint my nails. 
and so i did, and these are some of my favourite pinterest projects thus far.
i almost shit when i saw these. 
i made about 10 of them and wore them all at once. 
like i was 9.
i want to lie and say i did this myself, but my vietnamese nail queen did it.
i will try it now that i know how.
no promises.
pretzel. rolo. pecan.
the best thing i have ever ate.
all 25 of them

now that you have been educated you can head on over to and sign up for your own account. you actually have to "request an invite" and the site emails you back to say you have been "accepted" as a member. this may take a few days, i believe it took almost a week for them to finally allow me access to their oh-so prestigious hoity toity club. BUT. if you happen to know someone who is already a member, they can invite you and your accepted almost instantly. hmmmm....fancy that.  happy pinning.

ps-if you hit the "p" button on the top right side of the screen, it will take you to my page on pinterest. 
please don't judge me.


  1. pinterest is the love of my heart. i too have only made 2 or 3 things... soooooooooo many to go! I love your creations!

  2. Well get going girlie! I think I want to have a Pinterest Party. That'll brew up some motivation :)


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