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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

see what happens to your life.

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i first saw this piece a few weeks ago while scrolling through fuck yeah yoko ono, which is my second favourite 'fuck yeah' tumblr page next to fuck yeah anais nin -- wow, that's a lot of fuck yeah's. as part of an art installation she exhibited in 1996 it stopped me dead in my tracks, and i had to read and then re-read it several times before i felt like my head was wrapped around it. it's something every person on this planet could benefit from, which is why i have been thinking about it since the first time i read it. 

i'm not saying i can do this, in fact i think i would say something negative by noon the first day 
(most likely about myself), but that's not a good enough excuse to not give it a try. 
with a promise like that, how could i not take the opportunity to see what happens?

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