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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

quick & dirty easter egg garland.

i love when something as simple as strung pastel plastic easter eggs can make an entire space feel festive and cheery. for $4 and 20 minutes of my time, i was able to pull together a sweet garland that brings some much needed spring into our dining room. i plan on making one to flank the entrance way to our living room and tie the two rooms together.

how we do: quick & dirty easter egg garland.
you will need:
1 bag of plastic easter eggs -- approximately 50 eggs
yarn in a colour that works with your eggs
large eye needle
whenever you're making a garland, it's probably a good idea to measure that shit out before you start working away -- no need to get carried away with a 35' garland when your mantle or doorway or whatever you're working on only needs to be 8' (i'm only sharing from experience). i chose to alternate the colours as i strung them along, but you could also group like colours to form a rainbow pattern, or cluster colours in 2's or 3's, whatever blows your hair back. to hang the garland i tied off an 8" length of yarn at each end and one in the middle to create the swag effect, and washi taped them to the mantle.
simple & sweet. quick & dirty.

1 comment:

  1. Been doing this since I worked at White Rose circa 1995 .. glad to see people other than myself doing :)from Carrie Lea


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