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Thursday, January 03, 2013

new years: cigars, fringe, red lips & "the stache".

new years eve: a time to reflect, a time to appreciate, and the perfect excuse to get fucked up with your favourite people, this year was no exception to the rule. one of my closest friends and favourite red head laura, invited a group of us to her home for a 20's themed murder mystery party, and i'm telling you, this girl pulled out all the stops. featuring a delicious meal of homemade pierogies (which three of us made a few days before the party, laura's babcia would be so proud), lots of snacks a few sambuca shots for good measure, 
everyone was assigned a character and came in costume.

the room was chock-a-block with fringed dresses, strands of pearls, fedoras, cigars and the most incredible "stache" gracing the face of our honourable "mayor biggs", we schmoozed and boozed until the lights went out, a gun was fired and my sweet fiancé "nicky" was whacked by dinner. the rest of the meal was spent trying to figure out who was in cahoots with who, and which one of us was responsible for killing off the biggest mob boss in town (that's my man!). by the time the murderer was revealed we were feelin' good and the rest of the night was how i suspect most parties of the 20's panned out -- lots of fun and even more laughs, it was the perfect way to 
peace out 2012 and take 2013 by the cojones.


  1. I just love how authentic everyone looked! It looked like an absolute hoot.

  2. Oh my word this sounds and looks like so much fun! Your friend is pretty darn amazing for putting on something like that!


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