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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

goals: making 2013 count.

as i have shared in the past, i am a giant nerd fan of list and goal writing -- needless to say, this time of year always makes me really happy. i think about what kind of resolutions i want to make in the days leading up to new years eve, so i have them prepared in my mind and can start working on them as quickly after midnight as possible, which normally isn't that quickly after, as i'm usually focused on not barfing my brains out. however the thing about resolutions, is how they sometimes have a way of getting away from you; either you make a goal that's just too ambitious to complete at that certain time in your life, or you make too many goals in the hopes that by the end of the year you maybe managed to stick to at least one, which is why this time around, i am holding myself accountable 
for only 3 simple, easy goals.

1. read more : honestly this goal is embarrassing for me to have on the list, let alone make it #1. i'm not saying i don't read, i have a list of about 12 blogs i visit on a daily basis, and read a lot online, however i read one. whole. book. from start to finish in 2012, and i hardly consider jenna jameson's biography "how to make love like a porn star" (which was given to me by paulie on our first anniversary as it's "technically a paper gift you know"), a life altering read. it was an entertaining guilty pleasure, nothing more, nothing less. this year i plan to knock off some of the classics, and get the books i already have stacked on my nightstand done and done.

2. take better care of my skin : pretty self explanatory, i am at the point in my life where i can't neglect or take for granted what i have gotten away with in the past. i have always done the bare minimum when it comes to using sunscreen and daily routines, but i know the significant difference a little bit of work can make. if all i do this year is apply sunscreen to my face each day, and drink more water, it will be more than i did for myself last year.

3. try something new each month : my good friend jules did this a few years ago, and i was so inspired by it, i adopted it as one of my biggest resolutions for 2013. something as simple as trying a new ethnic food, or learning a new craft, is an easy way for me to not only have fresh experiences, but also learn to be more open minded. i'm not going to write a list of each thing to try or do, but plan to be aware of opportunities when they present themselves and take a leap of faith (big or small) when they do.

*not listed but goes without saying, sort my career out and take the first steps into making it happen. oh, and stay away from paul's penis -- i'm confident it's his new year's resolution to get me knocked up.


  1. Love this post!! Your resolutions are the best, most achievable I've heard yet. I read only 1 novel in all of 2012 too! But I know that with all the sitting down and breastfeeding I'm going to do with bubba this year, I'm going to be knocking off those books by the dozen. That was my mother's reason I believe, for feeding all my siblings till they turned 2 years old.... it was her only excuse to sit down and read!

    P.S. I like Paul's resolution ;) ;)

  2. These sound like great simple goals Amanda! I love it! I do read a lot but I definitely agree with taking better care of my skin. I need to get on that too!


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