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Sunday, January 27, 2013

daily beautiful things.

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i have mentioned my beautiful blonde friend neena a few times in the past, and how she has followed her dreams to toronto where she has fully blossomed into a stellar hair & makeup artist, and now an expert for 'garnier' -- i know, she's fucking unreal. i am honestly so proud of this girl, i get tears in my eyes and almost pee myself anytime i see something she has created -- in print, ad, and more and more as of late, on tv! she is a real life pro, oozing with coolness, confidence in what she is explaining, and the exact same uniqueness that made me fall in love with her the moment i laid eyes on her -- which i'll have you know was while performing as the lead in a play in the 12th grade. she sings, she dances a mean jazz square, she's hilarious, and she could make "sloth" from 'the goonies' look like james fucking franco. i adore this girl and could squeeze her tiny body until every last perfectly manicured nail popped right off her talented little hands.

 because i love being able to show off my friends, i wanted to share some of her recent work when she was asked to style a few of the 'much music' vj's. the video below was my favourite: a) because this phoebe broad is adorable and i love the way neena styles her short hurr and b) because she mentions a few tips & tits that i never knew before for styling your hair to get the best results. if you want to watch all of the videos, you can follow this link and scroll to the bottom. daily beautiful things friends.


  1. I work with Neena's mum! Boy, that's some family resemblance. I've heard lots of stories but had never been able to put a face to the name before!


    1. Whatta kawinkeydink! I should have put two and two together when I read somewhere that you worked at The Shaw! Isn't Sande the best!?! Love her :)


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