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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a new favourite thing: the french press.

i'm sure a lot of people reading use or have used this method of coffee making for a long time, and for that, i am jealous that 
someone let you in on the secret before i was. for those of you who are still in the dark: keep reading, and you're welcome.
up until a few months ago, i had never experienced the luxury that is french pressed coffee, in fact, i didn't even know what the hell it was. and then one morning after a night out and a sleepover with friends, i woke up to a beautiful breakfast and a cup of coffee unlike i had ever tasted, shit was so good. i stored the idea away in my back pocket as a christmas gift for paulie, and went for it when i found the nicest press and the perfect little grinder at home outfitters a few weeks later. that kid loves his kitchen gadgets and accessories so much so, i'm pretty sure he thinks he's chef pasquale (you will know who this is if you have a nonno who while growing up, watched cooking shows all morning and wrestling all afternoon like mine did). turns out, i raved on about how good the coffee was enough that he went out and bought me the exact same gift. they say when you're with someone for long enough, you start thinking and doing the same things.
this worries me.
we use it every weekend (as much as the thought of having enough energy to boil water, grind beans and brew coffee before work during the week sounds amazing, it would never fucking happen) and it gets a lot of love let me tell you. there is a definite technique and finesse to the french press process, and once we learned what kind of beans we like (standing in front of 40 varieties of coffee beans at 'starbucks' is less daunting than ordering a coffee there, so that's always nice) the perfect temperature and timing, we have taken our love for coffee-all-morning to a whole other level. if you have loved coffee since the first time your nonna made you drink it with breakfast when you were 3, or have always drooled while the coffee is being made in the 'dexter' opening theme, you will love the french press. life is too short to not drink really good coffee, and definitely too short to not drink good wine.


  1. I just opened up my old french press this morning, what a coincidence. I've been craving good strong coffee lately. Any suggestion on what coffee bean to get? and where? its Mike btw.

    1. I'm gonna go ahead and assume Michael P!?! Whatta kawinkeydink friend! We have tried a few brands and roasts since we started using the French Press. So far my favourite is 'Starbucks' "Blonde Veranda Blend", but that's because it's only a mellow roast, and I am working my way up to medium roast. Paulie loves the 'Kicking Horse' "Grizzly Claw" which is a dark roast, and I think you would love it too. You can buy it at Zehrs and it's fair trade/organic. Let me know what you think if you try either!

  2. Are you referring to that silver glass teapot-type thing as the french press? We call them coffee plungers here, and they indeed are an essential item in every home! Especially since you can brew a nice cup of tea using tea leaves in it too. Have fun exploring flavours!

    P.S. I have that pink 500 Cupcakes book. But none of the others.. sweet collection!

    1. Why yes I am! You say tomato, I say toe-ma-toe. It's amazing how the standard can change from one part of the world to the other. I know less than a handful of people who use a French Press, and felt the need to share the love because it makes THE BEST coffee. Thanks sister friend!

    2. "French Press" sounds so much fancier than "coffee plunger" lol. I'm facinated that they aren't used so much over your end. No doubt you've enlightened many people still! Plus your photography is just getting sweeter and sweeter. Loves it.

  3. oh the french press, the thing dreams are made of! It really changes the whole coffee experience and ritual for the better.



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