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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

when a flower means more than just a flower.

the other day i came home to an orchid on my dining room table.
not just any orchid, an orchid from the boy i live with.
it's the perfect shade of autumn pink -- a variety i had never seen before.

"i thought you would like this one" he said.
"you were right" i said.

sometimes when you love someone with your whole heart, 
you forget that you need to love them with your whole head too. 
and when you remember, oh what a feeling it is.


  1. oh, those are such a sweet colour! Like sherbert! I have an orchid that's quite fuchsia in colour, but sadly it hasn't had any blooms in nearly a year. In that time though, it has grown an entire new plant, and I see a new stem budding up! I have high hopes for big blossoms in my future. Enjoy yours, it's a beaut!


  2. That, is the cutest mini-story ever. x

  3. I love this. Paul is so cute. And you guys are so cute. Perfect little story.


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