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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

take this waltz.

i kept a hairy eyeball out for 'take this waltz' after seeing the preview for it months and months ago, so when it was released for rental a week or so ago, i had to have a copy of it in my hot little hands. the trailer had left me so curious, i couldn't wait to see if the movie was going to be good enough to do the same. but, it was better.

things that were key:

1. michelle williams has become one of my favourite actresses over the last few years. truth be told, i wasn't a fan of her on 'dawson's creek', but she redeemed herself first in 'blue valentine', then in 'my week with marilyn' (which was amazing) and now 'take this waltz'. 
there is something so quirky and charming about her.

2. the whole film takes place in toronto, and it's fun to see and hear familiar places and neighbourhoods.
one of the main characters, luke kirby, is a canadian boy as well. yes, that makes him cuter.

3. the house that the couple live in is a classic, toronto row home, a big, brick victorian, with lots of stained glass and 
interesting details. i spent most of the movie drooling over the house.

4. restaurant scene. mercy. me.

parts were funny, some parts made me cry. 
it even made me uncomfortable, but in a good way.

ps-love the ol' cup of cold water over the shower trick. classic.


  1. i would hug n squeeze you if i could for posting this. gonna watch it as soon as i can. weird, but that trailer already says so much. can only imagine what the movie must do, then.


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