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Monday, July 16, 2012

unconditional love.

until one has loved an animal
a part of one's soul remains unawakened.
-- anatole france
they are there every morning when you wake up,
and they are there every night when you go to bed.
they wait for you when you leave to get coffee,
and kiss you hello every time you get back.

i love how india's whole bum wiggles when she sees you,
and how she nuzzles her nose into your neck when she hugs.
i love that she's patient with children and is always a good girl.

i love how lennon meows for you when he needs some love,
and will snuggle with you for as long as you let him.
i love that he's an honest to goodness scaredy cat,
who holds my hand and gives kisses.

i love that they tag team us and usually win.
when they eat food colouring on the couch and
spread cherries through the whole house.
but most of all,

i love how they fill the days with the most unconditional sunshine and light.


  1. the best friend i ever had was a dog. as weird as it sounds. so i totally melted while reading your words.


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