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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

in my hot little hands: cupcakes & cashmere 'the book'.

as listed on my 'blog love' page, i am a huge fan of cupcakes & cashmere, and have been reading along for about 2 years now. emily, the girl who writes the blog, combines fashion, home decor, personal style and entertaining, bundled up into one neat and pretty package. quality photos, simple step by step instructions and a definite defined style, cupcakes & cashmere is a place i definitely pull inspiration from on a daily basis. being the same age, i feel like we share common interests, and see the world from the same space--living it through in the prettiest way possible. so when i found out she would be writing a book of the same name, i made my way to amazon, and placed my order. (with my very own credit card. the only one i have owned since moving in with paul. he took my first one away from me. that's a whole other story).

i had pre ordered this baby so long ago, i actually forgot about it until i put my hand in 
the mailbox monday evening, to find it sitting there. 
my first reactions:

- smaller than i had expected (isn't this is a common first reaction?).
- majority of the content from the blog (which i had expected).
- less about fashion and more about home decor and entertaining.
that being said, in the two days that i have been home with the worst flu in the history of the world (honestly, i can't even stand the sight of myself, and i haven't looked in a mirror since monday) i drank every cuppa tea in the house while reading the book, glossy cover to glossy cover. broken down into seasons, she shares tips from table settings to simple summer cocktails, aesthetically displaying a bookshelf and wardrobe building blocks. fresh, airy and easy to read, it met my expectations and looks darling stacked with flowers on my dining room table. if nothing else, the book definitely makes you go to that pretty girly place, where all you want is to paint your nails and bake chocolate chip cookies for a cute boy. 
and i think that alone is worth it.


  1. awww feel better Amanda! much love (princesni)

  2. This makes me want to rush out ASAP so that I can go to my pretty girl place! What a lovely review. I'm definitely going to have to look into this review!


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