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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

summertime nails.

i have an addiction to nail polish. there. i friggen' said it.

i get all weird at the sight of my naked nails, and can't remember the last time they weren't painted for more than a day. i occasionally let them come up for air, but the itch to get some colour on them takes over, and i smother them in my new favourite shade, design or technique. this summer has been my favourite for nail trends, and i have loved taking the time to do my nails as best i can. because i am not the kind of girl that can sit and watch tv without doing something else at the same time -- go on the computer, knit, eat, but most often, i conveniently have lots of time to paint my nails.

these are a few of my favourite colour combo and designs as of late. i've been playing around with ombre, geometric designs and finishes -- matte is my favourite, and love how a little pop of colour can complete an outfit and make me feel just a bit more girlie.

what's your favourite summertime nail trend?
what? you're not as sick in the head as me?
that's cool. that's cool.


  1. Oh man, I love pretty nails, I think I've bought like seriously at least ten new bottles of nail polish this summer, partially spurred on by pinterest. But I always seem to pick my polish off. It's a terrible habit. I also always manage to make a mess and get my nail polish all over my cuticles. Your designs and color schemes are lovely. =)

    1. That's the problem with nail polish! Once you buy one new one, you want every single shade in the damn collection! I am also guilty for being a 'picker'. My husband is always grossed out when he catches me doing it, but I can't help it! Keep working on it, you'll get there!

    2. Have you tried Zoya nail polish? I've been recently obsessed with it. It is SO sparkly and multidimensional. They sell it at Whole Foods here in the States. It's kept me from biting my nails or picking at them for a week because I love the colors so much.

    3. Yes, I have a few Zoya polishes. They are great colours, but I find they don't last as well as Essie or OPI? Maybe it's just me? Keeping my nails painted is the main reason they have been able to grow, otherwise, I would have ripped them off or picked at them for sure.


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