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Monday, July 23, 2012

i have a girl crush. on marion cotillard's face.

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it's only slightly disturbing that i have more crushes on female celebrities than i do male, but i'm ok with that if you're ok with that. you're ok with that right? i saw 'the dark knight rises' last night (yes, i missed the bachelorette season finale to see batman. yes, i am the best wife in welland. yes, my medal is in the mail). once over the joy of joseph gordon levitt being in the movie (i forgot he was until his adorable dimpled baby face flashed onto the screen), i was double whammied with an appearance 
by the always lovely marion cotillard.

without giving much away, she was her usual sweet, girly self. complete with that damn french accent, that is pleasantly not annoying and makes her even more darling than she already is. i first fell in love with her in 'big fish', another one of my faves, and she hasn't let me down since. i love her clean classic style, and get a serious 'audrey vibe' from her, that's the perfect combo of sexy and sweet. in writing about my girl crushes, i have come to the conclusion that i prefer brunettes, usually with 
biggish boobs and are just the right amount of fucked up.

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