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Monday, June 18, 2012

a new favourite thing: tyler knott gregson.

sometimes i read things, poems, words, fragments of a thought, and they resonate with me so soundly, i relate so much, that i wish i could wrap them around me so i am as close to them as possible. 

and sometimes when i read things, poems, words, or fragments of a thought, it literally takes the breath from me. so i search for more until i find whoever it was that wrote that thing that made me gasp in the first place, and i end up finding something like this.

tyler knott gregson: he says of himself:

a poet.
an artist.
exploitable genuis.
world alchemist.
thought translator.
boy with faraway eyes.

my favourite is the poet. his many masks, it's the one i feel he wears best.
and he wears it beautifully.
 {all images found here}


  1. I absolutely love these. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Wow.. some people just have a way with words! These are maddeningly good.

  3. You are far too kind and I appreciate this more than you know. I am so glad my words found their way to eyes like yours. Thank you.


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