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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

for the love of a good cocktail: classic canadian caesar.

for as long as i can remember, my cocktail of choice has always been a spicy caesar. no matter what time of year, or what the occasion may be, i am always down for this tasty, savoury drink. i usually like to have it before my meal, kind of like an appetizer, and am so full from it, i move on to something more light and refreshing to drink during my meal. it has become a sort of tradition to make caesars on sundays when having dinner with my family, and i firmly believe the recipe we use is perfect. because sharing is caring, without further adieu, the tastiest caesar you are yet to try.

how we do: classic canadian caesar
you will need:
mott's extra spicy clamato juice
3-5 dashes tabasco sauce
3 dashes worchestire sauce
salt & pepper to taste
1 teaspoon dill pickle juice
caesar rimmer 
2 shots of vodka
spicy pickled bean, stalk of celery, pickle spear to garnish
a good caesar is a combo of spicy, salty and tangy, with a nice kick of vodka to bring out all the flavours. if you prefer gin to vodka, you can use it as a substitute, and apparently, for gin lovers, which i am not, it's divinity. most of the ingredients for this recipe you will already have, but i feel substitutions can always be made to suit your taste. do whatever blows your skirt up. hopefully you're wearing underwear. 
you dirtball.
 rim the edge of your glass using a lemon or lime wedge,  and then spin the glass in your "rimmer". i prefer a good amount of salt, so i have enough to get me through my whole drink. if you don't have the authentic "rimmer", celery salt mixed with some salt & pepper works too. fill your rimmed glass halfway with ice, and then your ingredients. this process works for me:

salt & pepper--vodka--tabasco--vodka--worchestire--vodka--pickle juice--clamato juice--stir--garnish--vodka

k. maybe i don't use that much vodka. with the amount of garnish in there, you pretty much have yourself a meal in a glass. they are so good, that when you see someone drinking one, you have to have one for yourself. give em' a whirl and let me know what you think! 
cheers big ears.


  1. our all-time fave ... and they are a meal in a glass, so delicious!

  2. How interesting! Never had a savory cocktail.. my first thought is 'yuck' but I believe you that they're good! Unfortunately all your ingredients look alien to me (except for worch.sauce & celery) so I'm going to have to pass on giving it a go :(.

    But hey, I'll visit you one day & get myself smookered.

    P.S. Nice photo work.

  3. Thank you friends! They are so yummy, I can never pass one up. Try it out, you will LOVE.


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