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Friday, June 29, 2012

death cab & long weekends.

thank god it's fucking friday.
and it's a long weekend ta boot.

so much planned for this most patriotic long weekend.
bonfires with friends, swimming in my parents pool, eating every cherry in town.
and a last minute decision to see the hip play with death cab for cutie on the fort george grounds with some of my favourite people has me peeing in my panties. i remember falling in love with death cab after hearing 'soul meets body' on the 'oc'. oh the oc, it feels like you are a high school, seth & summer decade ago. so good, so long ago, shit i'm old.

happy canada day. happy friday. happy so many things.
i pretty well tingle up with goosebumps every time i hear this song.
it makes me want to get married again.

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