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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

proposal production: the sweetest shit i have seen all week.

i received an email from one of the girlies i work with, telling me to "get the tissues out", and attached was a link to the video below. now, i feel like i have seen some pretty adorable proposals pop up over the last few years, and it appears there are a lot of boys out there willing to get down with their creative selves, to give the girl of their dreams a proposal she couldn't forget (or say no to).

this is one of those proposals. the holy shit package of all proposals.

i tell paul all the time, that if i was a guy, i would do this kind of shit for my girlfriend all day long. 
and it would get me laid on the regular like i was ryan fucking gosling.

get the tissues out.


  1. oh my goodness. that is one of the most amazing proposals i have ever seen. definitely made me tear up. thanks for sharing! <3


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