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Friday, May 25, 2012

classic beach bummin'.

{image found here}

it's amazing how one day at the beach has me craving the sand in my toes, hair, ass crack and everywhere else it so elegantly ends up. nothing like peeling your bathing suit off at the end of a long beach day, to reveal the sand bikini you have been wearing underneath. so to celebrate the start of this special season,  here are a few of my favourite beach images to get me by until the next glorious day in the sun. 
my god the 50's were good.
{images found here, here & here}
{images found herehere & here}


  1. de-LISH!! Thanks for sharing. Can't get enough of that stuff.

  2. i absolutely love the beach. it is my all time favorite place. and i want to spend a day, or a couple hours, or just an hour at the beach so bad...just relaxing and reading and feeling the sand in my toes. and this post makes me want it so much more. love the pics.


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