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Monday, April 23, 2012

pretty things & potty mouths on 'the facebook'.

i have wanted to make a facebook page for 'pretty things & potty mouths' for weeks and weeks now, but because i'm a giant weiner, i have been holding off until i was ready. the other night while drinking rum and cokes and watching movies with paulie, i told him i was a bit scurred to take this step. the convo went a bit like this:

"paul. i want to make a facebook page for my blog"-amanda
"but i'm scared to"-amanda
"then don't"-paul
"but i want to"-amanda
"then do it. what's your problem?"-paul
"i have no fucking clue"-amanda

and with those prophetic words of encouragement from my hubby dearest, i give you pretty things & potty mouthsfacebook lovin'. whether you want to 'like' the page yourself, share it with friends or any pretty things and potty mouths you think would enjoy what's going on around here, i would really love that. i would love that a shit load. and if you don't, that's ok too. but i would prefer if you did.


thanks for taking the time to leave me a wee note! kindly leave your name so i know who you are & can send some lovin' back at ya.

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