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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

paper anniversary: this is when shit gets crafty.

framed vintage map hearts.

june 11th will be our 1st wedding anniversary. 

they say time flies when you're having rum fun, so we must have had a lot of rum fun this year, because it went by let me tell you. with this special day only a few short weeks away, i thought i would get the hamster on the wheel and plan a special gift for paulie. 
he deserves it for having put up with me for a year and for not going bald in the process. he's the best.

now i would be lying if i said that having paper as the 'gift item' for one year anniversaries didn't make me pee in my panties happy, because it sure as shit does. as a fan of pretty paper crafting, i love the endless possibilities when it comes to making something special, personal and unique, so i have perused pinterest for some inspiration, and am very happy with what i have found thus far. there are so many amazing ideas in fact, i  had to create a board specifically for the amazing stuff that could inspire something really perfect to make. i am leaning towards using maps in some way--either to note where we got married and where we honeymooned, to use as a representation of the places we'll go, and/or to wrap the actual gift with. maps could be a cost effective, but still interesting way to use 'paper'. i have also seen some beautiful projects that could be done with the lyrics of our first dance, meaningful quotes & phrases and personalized silhouettes. paul's heed may be a little too large to attempt the silhouette projects, however it would certainly be identifiable. i can promise you that.

in the next little bit, i will form a plan and start gathering my supplies, but in the meantime, 
here are some of my favourite inspirations for paper anniversary gifts so far.
where we met. where we married. where we honeymooned.
well isn't this friggen' perfect?
simple. clean. beautiful but still masculine.


  1. anniversary. paper. swoooooon. I love all these ideas and since paper is your middle name, I know you're going to come up with something ridiculously sweet. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Our 1st anniversary is also very quickly coming up and I have been thinking about what I can do for Dan. I love all of these ideas. I was checking out your pinterest board earlier today too, before I saw this post. Very creative and fun but easy and relatively cheap to make. My kind of projects. Thanks for the inspiration! And I know whatever you come up with will be amazing and Paul will love it.


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