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Monday, April 09, 2012

naughty in nautical.

normally i would associate anything 'nautical' or 'beachy' with the summertime-going out on a boat, being lakeside, or on vacation. but this spring, there is just too much cute shit out there, to confine this adorable style to just three short months. i usually don't wear much navy, red or polka dots, but would gladly take any of these items, and wear them like i don't get sea sick on every boat i've ever been on, and don't hate being around live fish with every fiber of my being.

i love the combo of tan and creams for accessories like chunky belts, strappy heels and canvas totes, and  adore the 50's vibe that seems to go hand in hand with nautical style. a couple gold pieces (the shell necklace is so pretty), cherry red nails and you're ready for a date on a massive ship, drinking champagne with your pretend loaded boyfriend.

ahoyyyy matey!


  1. Hi. So I love your blog. And I'm loving the striped bag, but when I clicked the handy little link on the bottom, it said they were having technical difficulties. :(

  2. Josie! Thanks chicklet :) Really? Well that's just silly. Maybe try again in a bit, it seems to be working just fine for me! Thanks again, you're a peach.


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