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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

i have a girl crush. on amy heidemann's suicide roll.

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ok, maybe i'm crushing more on her 'suicide roll' than her, but she's pretty cute too. if you don't know who she is, welcome to the club, i didn't even know her name until i googled her (ok, i googled her hair) just recently. she sings in the duo 'karmin', which isn't 100% my bag, but does make me dance like a dink in my car, and run my ass off on the treadmill when 'brokenhearted' comes on my ipod. 

her style however, is 150% my cup of tea, and if i had the balls, i would sport those crop tops and that ridiculous hair everyday of my life. she has an adorable 'pin up girl' style that i love, but can't seem to pull off because i'm too much of a scaredy cat. while creeping her on the internet, i came across a tutorial she did for her signature do, the 'suicide roll'. i attempted it last night, and was fairly successful considering i have 1/8th  as much hair as she does. but when i showed it to my toughest critic paulie, he quickly reminded me how much he likes it when i "poof" my bangs back and put the rest in a ponytail. basically, he wasn't diggin' the roll. however, i do. a lot. so screw em'.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love this girl like no ones business. I have watched every video she has on you tube aside from this one! She is crazy ridiculous, her rapping skills are off the hook. she was so sweet on Ellen, and her fiance is pretty damn cute too.

    I love her look too but could NEVER pull that off without looking like a dork. I can definitely see you rocking the suicide roll for sure, you can rock the pin up girl look, DO IT!

  2. I'm with you; never heard of her. But after your gush and Aimee's affirmation, I'll be youtubing tonight like a mad woman.

    You my dear, can pull off a pin-up look no worries. So practice it, find some pretty spotted panties to match, and then see what Paulie thinks again. ;)

  3. Isn't she freakin' adorable! I love girls who aren't afraid to push the envelope, and be who they are. I am trying to get there, I really am, but sometimes it takes a bit of courage, a lot of practice, and maybe even a glass of wine to finally get where you wanna be. I love that you are a fan too Aimee! She can rap like there's a black man hidden inside of her! Holy smokes. And, for the record, I see you pulling off a 40's vibe EASILY. You have that long luscious hair, go for it girl. ps-I've seen you in red lipstick, so you already got that down guuuurl.

    Hannah! Get on the tube and love her! She is fabulous. Spotted panties....I think you know tricks that I don't know. I'll buy a pair tonight ;)


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