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Monday, February 06, 2012

pretty girlie things: valentine's day nails.

ever since i was a wee lassie, i have loved having my nails did. i like how something as simple as pink nails can make you feel extra girlie and how the perfect colour can totally complete your outfit. and as much as i love having someone do my nails for me, i have finally learned how to give myself a proper manicure, including painting my nails so they don't look like a three year old with two left hands did it for me. with some guidance from my fabulous friend and personal beauty guru neena, check out her blog daily beautiful things, and lots of practice, i have donned some seriously stellar chicklets. because things like painted nails are at the top of my priority list, i have been scoping out some options for my valentine's day mani, and have come across a few super sweet contenders. 
with a little bit of inspiration, some patience and a lot of wine, it's amazing where your imagination can take you and your nails.


  1. GORGEOUS FINDS! Particularly love the 'be mine' lolly ones.

    I'm currently sporting pink nails myself of the very neon kind. in fact, no joke, they hurt my eyes to look at them!

    and oh gracious; i love your friend's blog.

  2. Ditto. Neon pink toes are my fave! So summery :) She's good isn't she?


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