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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

march photo a day challenge.

well february has almost beat it and i am way too pumped to say that i completed the photo challenge i mentioned here. it was fun to particiapte in, and i ended up getting a lot of really sweet pictures out of the whole rigmarole. for those of you who participated as well, kudos, a pat on the back for you. for those of you who missed it, don't fret my pet, you can give the march photo challenge a whirl! fat mum slim posted the new list of photos to tackle each day, so give yourself something to do that will help make 'miserable march' a little more fun. i'm already excited for 18, 21 & 26. here's the list!
and for kicks, here are some of the last few pics i added this week.
night. something you're listening to. green. something you ate.

 because i couldn't resist, i told you so. my favourite thing about checking my blogger stats, is the "search keywords" results, which basically shows what the hell people are randomly searching, that lead them to finding pretty things & potty mouths. here is a screenshot of the search keywords for yesterday. i told you i wasn't the only one who couldn't take my eyes off jennifer lopez's sweater meat at the oscars.
it actually kills me.


  1. THAT IS HILARIOUS LMFAO ... good luck with next months photo challange - i'll be keeping posted!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I was going to look for a March challenge. :)

  3. It makes me laugh, because up until my j-lo post, most of the search words were "pretty", "girlie", "pink", "crafts"...and then this. I love it. I really do. Day One ladies! xo


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