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Sunday, July 07, 2013

sunday share.

 a little something for your sunday. this is probably the most beautiful wedding video i have ever seen, 
and trust me when i say, i have seen my fair share. 
a few reasons why:
a) the groom. everything about him. all of it.
b) the barn, the rain, the romance.
c) their gifts to each other; boys are actually capable of thinking of things like secret books on their own?
d) the bride's dad. please?


  1. This is special for sure but I think YOUR wedding video was the most beautiful one I've ever seen!

  2. how did they cram so much beauty into one video? thank you for sharing, such a gorgeous couple! Had me crying way too many times.

    P.S. Her dad is one good looker!

  3. really amanda? was that really necessary? to make me bowl my eyes out in the middle of a day in front of a screen, watching a wedding-video? :D shiiiiiit this is so beautiful, i had to laugh at myself so hard for being so emotional about it. but in a nice way.
    these people come across as such wonderful souls...
    the entire time i had to think of my dad and how i wont have such a handsome man to lead me down the aisle. :D oh well.

  4. It's so sweet eh?!? Love it! Great little pick me up when you need a little something.


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