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Thursday, May 23, 2013

bringing the inside out.

as i mentioned recently, i have kind of become effing obsessed with pulling together the outdoor space of my dreams. ok, maybe not my dreams, because that shit's somewhere in monaco or tuscany and certainly not welland, but something that looks and feels close was what i was going for. it started with a pair of chairs my parents offered when they purchased a new patio set this season that really got the ball rolling on pulling our back porch together, and one lovely super productive afternoon with my girlie neena later, we created what is now my favourite "room" in the house. for less than $250 we ended up with a lush, romantic, cozy summer retreat, with that 
bohemian tropical-feel i was hoping for.
 i'm hoping to find a turkish style mosaic lantern to hang from the ceiling, and a sculpted wood framed mirror to hang on the bare brick wall. and yes, that's a hand carved penis ashtray straight from bali sitting on the bistro table.
we found crisp white linen panels and cafe curtain rods from walmart for less than $50 to drape all three sides. they create privacy and make the space feel intimate without totally blocking out the backyard. walmart also pulled through with the perfect outdoor carpet and throw pillows. bold flower choices and a few pashminas i had kicking around help brighten everything up and add to the bohemian theme i was running with, and they're nice to cozy up in when evenings are cool and the wine i'm suckin' back isn't keeping me warm. however my favourite addition is hands down the pair of weaved rattan stools we scored at the antique shop in our hood for $30 cash money. i honestly felt like i hit the fucking jackpot when i threw these babies in the back seat and floored it home to spend half an hour arranging and then re-arranging every.thing. doubling as a foot stool, they are functional, fit the space and are the last piece i needed to finally feel like the whole kit and caboodle had come together. for now.


  1. Wow, I can't believe you pulled that together for so little cash. It looks like a gorgeous oasis. I'm feeling inspired.


  2. My, my, my!!! You have just totally pulled your inspiration pictures into reality. Be mighty proud girl, you're far too clever.

  3. I absolutely love this space. I can't wait to have an outdoor space to decorate so wonderfully cozy, simple, and romantic. love love love.


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