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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

bohemian dreamin'.

6 years. 6 fucking years. that's how long it has taken for me to get the fire lit under my ass to pull together an outdoor space worthy of enjoying. i guess a combination of not wanting to sit where my neighbours trashy backyards were in plain view, or putting the time and effort into a space i couldn't enjoy more than 5 months out of the year was enough for me to spend countless summer nights on my couch in front of a tv, but not this year! i have happily began the process of collecting and designing a space on our small back porch, but when the idea of fencing in our backyard and creating a second patio area crept into my mind i couldn't shake it. pinterest has me in a frenzied search for bits & tits of creativity: hanging mosaic lanterns, vintage rattan furniture, coloured rag rugs, brightly patterned pillows, bamboo ottomans, paneled curtains and lush, fresh foliage i am feasting my eyes in all the bohemian/moroccan/eclectic outdoor living design i can get my filthy hands on. shit's so good.
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