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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

be the change.

hours after writing yesterday's post about living a grateful life i heard the news about the boston marathon tragedy, and it instantly made me feel like an insignificant asshole. how could i whine about the hardships in my life, when nothing that has come my way in 29 years of living has been half as horrific as what occurred yesterday. 

my loved ones slept peacefully in their beds last night.
my partner slept beautifully beside me in mine.

it's human nature to point fingers and place blame in every direction (but our own) when tragedy strikes, and i get it, i do. we feel the need to be educated and aware of what is going on around us, 'ignorance is bliss' can only take us so far. but i hate the way it feels like the details are advertised and showcased in the media as if it were pop culture -- as if the perpetrator is placed on a pedestal, doing far more harm than good. so i can't help but walk away when the story becomes water cooler chatter, when the story hits the news at 6 and 7 and then 8 o'clock. i don't want to read about it online or know every last gruesome detail, instead i choose to focus my attention on holding my loved ones a little tighter, sending every ounce of positive thinking in me to the families of those who fell victim to the sickness that inhabits the hearts and minds of the individuals responsible for this catastrophe, and am thankful for the sad-but-true fact that when humanity as a whole suffers a loss on this scale, our spirits connect and it ignites the power within us to make a difference.

"do not let the behaviour of others
destroy your inner peace."
-- dalai lama.


  1. Shattered for all the people who's lives will never be the same again, after what was supposed to be a nice day out in Boston.

    So humbled by the the thought that every day is a massive blessing that we don't deserve any more than anyone else.

    God be with those people as they recover. x

  2. So beautifully written thanks I did and feel the same


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