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Monday, March 04, 2013

what i know at 29. and it ain't a whole lot.

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having turned another year older this past weekend, i feel the value in these words more than ever.
because birthdays bring with them reflection, evaluation and goal setting, i can't help but make note.
this much i know is true:

* i never feel more "me" than when i am with my family & closest friends.

* creativity is the marrow of life.

* life is far too short to give up completely the things that make me happiest; food, wine and getting into trouble to name a few.

* the only form of exercise i don't actually despise, is dancing. i can go all night.

* for as much control of my life as i want to be in, none of it is up to me. not a damn thing.

* waking up with my animals cuddled under the covers next to me will never stop feeling as good as it does. 

* nothing clears my heart & head like being in the woods. i physically yearn for it.

* days off when i'm all alone have become a very important part of my life. i look forward to that time, and never take 
for granted how much i have come to learn about myself. 

* it's perfectly ok to not wear makeup everyday. in fact. it makes the times when i do, that much fancier.

* being part of a 10 year old love, i have come to terms with the fact that in relationships (specifically in your partner) not all expectations are going to be met. age has brought me the wisdom to know that i am the one who makes the decision on which expectations are essential, and have chosen to let the rest go. i refuse to spend precious moments wishing for something to happen that never will, or for someone to be something they are not. instead, i embrace what my partner brings to the table, and learn from the beauty in that -- to have not only met, but to have fallen in love with someone who gives that to me every day, far exceeds any expectation i could have ever set.

* i am thankful for this happy life each day, and firmly believe it's the reason i have it.

* you're never too old for tequila shots.


  1. I am definitely learning how to enjoy time alone, and I'm really starting to love it too! It's such an important thing to enjoy.

    xx Ashleigh

  2. Thank you ladies! It's amazing what you learn when you "grow up".


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