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Monday, March 18, 2013

camera bag love: a jo totes review.

the reason i feel the need to share this purchase stems solely from the fact that i spent a good 2 years searching for the perfect camera bag, and am over the moon with my final decision to purchase a jo totes bag, specifically the 'gracie mint' design. if you have also been on the hunt for a bag that meets all your camera needs and is almost too cute to actually be considered a functional camera bag, then your search is over my friend. for what's it worth, here's a wee review of the product.

i'm going to start with the negatives because i only have one: it wasn't in my possession within seconds of purchasing it online. seriously, that's it. to be fair it reached my door within 2 weeks of placing my order, and in my opinion is totally fair. with my winter coat and boots still on, i ripped that baby open and had it unpacked and covered in my drool within moments of getting home. paulie and the animals didn't get so much as a kiss hello or acknowledgement of their being present and alive until i had the chance to squeal like an idiot in front of them, and model my new favourite thing like we were in paris during fashion week and not the ghetto of welland on a thursday evening with wheel of fortune on. it's so pretty, i want to make it my everyday purse and never leave home without it. i guess that's technically a positive, but the fact that it's so beautiful and so much like a purse that paul will never carry it in public for me, turns that shit 
right back around into a negative. le sigh.
as for the positives? basically anything you could expect from a camera bag. the colour is just as lovely as pictured on the website, and is perfect for the spring & summer, and even into the winter if you ask me. i wanted something with a pop of colour that i could wear year-round, and wasn't just a neutral like brown or black (don't be fooled by my anti-neutral tone, i totally want this bag to be mine, all mine). the bag comes with 2 adjustable straps, which makes it easy to wear across your chest or as a normal purse over your shoulder. it also comes with adjustable interior pads so you can organize the layout to your liking, as opposed to a pre-made insert. i have mine configured so i am able to keep 2 lenses as well as my camera with a lens attached snug as a bug with room to spare, but you could easily fit 2 more lenses if you had to. the outside pockets are perfect for my phone, keys, notepad and lip chap, and my wallet slips into the zippered pouch like a dream. and that's my two cents, for what it's worth.


  1. Oi, thank you for including a shot of the INSIDE of the bag!! I've read reviews on their products and Jo Totes seems like the right choice for me, but I didn't know what they really looked like inside, or what to expect once I could order one. But now I know what's going to be gracing the top of my birthday list this year. And what a great colour choice! So chic.

  2. Love the bag! Love your review...where is your iPhone case from:) Sorry...I just love it!

  3. You might just be my new favourite person in the whole wide world! I was in dire need of a camera bag (although I must admit I was too lazy to research), and am now a VERY happy Jo Totes owner thanks to you! (It arrived today and I too ripped through the packaging before making note of anyone or anything else!)
    Thanks for being so super stylish and letting the rest of us join in :)

  4. Thanks for review, your camera bag it's so cool
    thank you :)

  5. It's funny where a Google search can bring you. Not only have you made my mind up on buying this bag (which I've been 'umm'ing and 'ah'ring about for well over a year) but I've also found a beautiful blog to follow :)

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  6. Just stumbled across your blog...wondering what kind of DSLR you have? Do you keep a battery grip on it? I've got the 5D with a grip and am looking for a bag a little more purse like than my Jill E for a trip to Europe. Thanks for any info additional info!


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