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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

we accept the love we think we deserve.

i had made a mental note to make sure to see "perks of being a wallflower" 
during a preview for it when the movie came out last fall. i can specifically remember thinking:

a} paul rudd. nuff said.
b} charlie is far too young for me to be attracted to him physically. like born in 1992 too young.
c} emma watson with a pixie cut is the cutest thing i've ever effing seen.
d} i read the book in grade 9, and loved it, might as well give the movie a whirl. 

luckily for me i was reminded of it recently by a friend, and wouldn't you know it a week later paulie came home with a copy in his hands and i've been thinking about it ever since -- i was hook, line and sinker within the first 20 minutes. i found myself noticing similarities between charlie's character and my own little wallflower paulie, and it made me like him even more. i adore that it takes place in the early 90's and could connect with each of the relationships between all of the characters. for as feel good as it is, there are some pretty heavy moments that make the movie smarter, more relatable, and that much more endearing.

ps- i was telling someone at work that we still physically rent movies from the movie store, and he looked at me like i had googly eyes. 
you know the ones, where one eye's lookin' at ya and one eye's lookin' for ya? yes, those.


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  2. What an adorable cast! I'll keep my eyes open for it down here!

  3. This was an AMAZING movie! Probably one of the best I've ever seen.

  4. I just watched this a couple weeks ago!!! Such a sad and wonderful movie!!


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