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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

creating a girly pink space just for me.

with the countdown on until my final days at work this may, i find myself more eager than ever to get the next chapter of my life in motion, and i can't help but daydream of the endless possibilities before me. plans to selfishly take time off this summer before jumping into my new career (whatever that is) face, head and heart first, brings with it a whole new set of goals to focus my attention on. things like painting our entire top floor, caring for a garden, cooking a shit tonne, getting involved in wedding happenings (my fave) with some creative and talented friends, and crossing off as much of my 30 by 30 list as possible--basically, i get to be a housewife, and i am more than ok with that. i'm the kind of person that once i get an idea in my head, there is no letting it go until i can get that shit out -- which is amazing for some things, and horribly brutal for others. luckily for me, right now the idea is designing a space for myself in our home, and nothing crazy like learning chinese or getting knocked up, which is an idea that's currently swimming around my husband's enormous head (and balls for that matter).

with four bedrooms that are all sadly under utilized, i have made the executive decision to turn our second largest bedroom into my own little work space: a combination craft room/studio/office, it will be a place where i can let my creative juices flow and my hair down (all 1/4" of it), and will hopefully be an honest reflection of who i am and what inspires me most. i'm leaning towards fresh white walls with accents of pale pink & gold, i want it bright, airy and eclectic. throw in some antique pieces like art and mirrors, a clothing rack to display my favourite outfits, a colour-coded bookshelf and a victorian sofa for reading and snuggling the babies, and i am pretty sure i will never leave the room. well except to hit the junk drawer in the kitchen. who am i kidding, i'll have one of those in my girly pink office too. for now, i'm gathering ideas and doing my research, which has turned up these beautiful spaces making me seriously giddy.
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  1. Oh Amanda, I love love love it all!!! Do it, go nuts, eeeep!

  2. Sounds like a great decision and your inspiration pictures look beautiful as well.

    I've decided to paint my entire living room vintage pink. Such a happy, yet calm color<3


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