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Thursday, December 06, 2012

christmas cards: handmade with love & wine.

every christmas without fail i convince myself it's a good idea to take on more than i can chew, which happens to be a lot considering i have a gigantic hole in my face for a mouth. this year, i had the brilliant idea to make all of my christmas cards. yes, you read that right, make. all of them. with an incredible amount of inspiration at my fingertips (from both my friends and the always reliable pinterest) i managed to pump out 50 cards all made by hand (usually just one, the other was most likely holding a glass of wine) and with a shit tonne of love.
using scrapbook paper, doilies, glitter, washi tape, ribbon, felt and anything else i had that could work, it was easy to pull together some really cute cards with a little bit of time and a lot of inspiration. i found this site & this site full of sweet, easy ideas, so to share the love, i thought i would post a few of my favourites.  i made the envelopes to match the cards and think they ended up really kitschy, festive and fun. if you can make the time to sit and craft your own cards, or even gift tags for less of a commitment, i think it will surprise you how rewarding it feels when you finally get the fuckers done. if you happen to have kids in your life this would be even more fun to do -- i can't believe i just said that. for now, i have a small pooch and a creeper of a cat who like to be a part of the process, and that's enough for me.


  1. As a devoted piano player I am usually distraught when people use music for anything other than playing ... however, that is possibly the most beautiful card I've ever seen! I would love to receive any of these ... you have some lucky card receivers :)

  2. glad you got the fuckers done...omg, you make me laugh!

  3. These are gorgeous! I need to start sending out Christmas cards again. Maybe I will attempt this next year. Thanks for the inspiration!


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