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Friday, November 16, 2012

bahamas: lost in the light.

i love everything about this.
i love everything about the album.
canadian? check. makes me dance? check. beautiful facial hair? check.
makes me wanna make out in the back seat of our volkswagen? check.
happy friday.


  1. Thiiiiiiis right here made me life better. For Reals. On repeat...on the regular. Until I got the album for Christmas and played that on repeat...on the regular! Thanks for the introduction to Afie - LOVE him.

    ....and for another Christmas gift win - Moonrise Kingdom. So cute I could barely stand it.

    Love your style lady!

    1. SO glad you like it! I love to know that at least someone is making a connection with the shit I share! Mmmmmoonrise! Also so good. Thanks for the love!


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