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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

the eclectic life.

a beautifully curated gallery wall.
{image found here}
a few weeks back, my girlfriend cashie came over to spend date night with paulie and i -- friday night nachos, movies and rum & cokes (paul is used to having my lady friends over without warning, whether it's sleepovers, dinner or date nights, it's kinda like the "sister wives" business, only minus the skullet and borderline incest tendencies). what the hell was i even getting at? now all i can think of is skullets and rum & cokes. right right right, cass came over. she hadn't been over for a while, and i had done some decorating since her last visit -- draped a map heart banner i had made across the fireplace, hung some paintings and other little bits and bobs. i could see her taking it all in, and heard her call from the dining room:

"amanda, it gets fuller and fuller every time i come over. it's veryyyyy....eclectic in here."

my first reaction was along the lines of "and what the fuck is that supposed to mean", but she assured me my humble abode was not becoming a polish tea towel before my very eyes. our house is a clusterfuck of all our favourite things, and although i can see myself becoming carried away one day (kids art everywhere, family photos on every blank square inch and chachka a plenty), i am a firm believer that your home should be a reflection of who you are, and a place where you showcase the things that make you happy and bring joy to your life. with dreams of our 'big boy & girl' house always on my mind, i have collected a few images of 
how i want my one day dream home to look and feel.

i guess if you think about it, mr. skullet and his sister wives lead an eclectic life too. 
only i collect material things, and he collects women and children.
love the mix of plants and art on the left, and the wall colour on the right.
{images found here & here}
a little darker than i am normally drawn too, but so warm and romantic.
{image found here}
collections, books in the fireplace and colour.
{images found here & here}


  1. I love all of these crazy gallery walls. I could see myself also getting carried away and hanging a crazy amount of things on the walls. Dan won't let me hang too many things in our apartment right now because it is just more holes he has to fix when we move. But when we get a is going to be hard to stop myself. :)

    1. You are a much nicer wife than I am...I think I would hang things up when Dan wasn't home. Holes in the walls or not, life is too short not to be surrounded by pretty shit!

  2. I've got this massive pile of random frames I've been collecting for just such a wall. Can't wait to get them up, but I'm waiting to paint the jolly thing first. And that requires sanding first. And that requires paint testing first because we might have lead in our paint, meaning bubs could get sick if we stir up any lead dust. But yeah - the plan is really!

    You know how much we'd like to see pictures of your eclectic house, right?

    1. Holy Hannah! So many things to do! Get that boy on it for ya, it's the least he can do for his beautiful wife avec bubs!

      I really should take some're right ;)

  3. Oh hot damn, these pictures so perfectly exemplify the kind of vibe I want to have going decor wise.
    Basically, I need my own place, and to stop living in company housing.

    Some day, some day...

    (ps. looks like you're not the only one way behind on posts. What have I been doing with my life? hahah)

    1. The best thing about this "style" is that anything goes. You just collect things you love and make you happy, and the rest falls into place.


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