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Saturday, October 27, 2012

living lately.

in an effort to take more photos, i decided to pull my camera out of the cupboard i normally keep it stored away in, and leave it out on our dining room table where it's always in view and at arms reach. i have found that this has definitely motivated me to not only use it more, but i am also capturing some of the sweetest moments of our everyday life, that i would never have been able to get if the camera was still tucked away. now, the only thing worse than not taking photos, is taking them, and then leaving them stored on the computer, unedited and never to see the light of day. so i have made it a personal goal to break these habits, and share the shit!
a beautiful book i am waiting for the perfect opportunity to start.
the prettiest pink orchid.
finding the mr. taking a wee cat nap.
vibrant fall mums.
collecting  treasures to display.
picking up a fun fall hobby i love.
disturbing someone who secretly loves it.
all warm and cozy in her favourite winter spot.


  1. such pretty pictures!! You have a great eye. The last one is my fav <3

  2. Gorgeous photos. You have beautiful animals.

    <3 Melissa

  3. your photos are gorgeous. love that one of lennon. what a model.
    my camera is usually right out on my desk but I agree that I need to take some more photos of every day life. I always take pictures of things we do outside of the apartment but sometimes I love everyday photos more. although, I don't have a gorgeous house or beautiful animals to take pictures of either...hopefully some day soon. then I probably won't be able to stop taking pictures.

    1. Brittany! Get that camera in front of your eyes! You will be shocked to see how much more you use it! Your life is already beautiful, capture it! xo


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